OH YAY,I’m ba ack! Back from the adventures of Sharon and the internet gurus.i have to take time in a day to let these guys and gals know how much i just love them. These people have no scruples at all. they tried to beat me upwith the old join up for free crapola yesterday.. these guys just remind me of’s all the same old thing wrapped up in a new shiny package. and they wont stop till they think they’ve sucked you in.

Well the next time i’m on here i hope to have read enough to start monetizing.and i got all of my materials from reputable sites ,and didn’t pay one copper penny for any of it.

Listen there are still honest people that want to help the newbie make money just have to check them and their offers out.that is what google bing and are give you information about people places and things. and always remember the old addage”if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”.

making money online involves work,just like any other JOB out there.even with the easiest systems,you have to push more than 1 button. any body who tells you different,is LYING to ya.

so with all that said this old mountain gal gonna skidaddle for today. but in those immortal words of Arnold Swartzenneggar aka the terminator”i’ll be back”.


The TRUTH about internet marketing gurus

Well here it goes, and most of it (the blog) is not going to be pleasant for the “GURU”. This is an educational blog dealing with the ethics of most gurus of internet business. You know who i’m talking about. The ones that get on here and flood your emails with useless make $4,000,000 at night while you’re sleeping just by hitting this button guys. yeah they almost caused me to throw my conputer out of the bedroom window.i have almost 3000 of hem in my gmail lnbox right now. i signed up with 5 or maybe 6 gurus this year and they must have given my email to all of their guru chrones,because that is exactly how they operate.

There is no reason for ever having that many emails every day.Except for the original email it is all the same unusable crap just sent by a different person.( i think) But then again as much money as they make i wouldn’t put it apass them to be using different emails with different names so they can take even more hard earned money from OUR pockets. I cannot prove my last statement YET, so you’ll have to take that 1 strictly as my personal opinion. But out of all the emails i get maybe there is 3 things i have not tried yet in a day.If i delete these emails these freaks resend them telling me that their message bounced back.I’m like  no s~%t i sent it back. And that is exactly what it says in my reply rite before i say take me off of your list.

Something else about gurus, “YOU NEVER COME OFF OF THEIR LIST”. If you come off of their list they can’t use you to rip other people off of their money.They will stop sending you emails and offers,but he needs you on that list to boost his numbers so he can peddal his crap to more innocent newbies to internet business.It just angers me to no end how underhanded most of these guys do innocent people. DON’T GET SUCKED IN. 

Don’t take this wrongly because there are some honest GURUS out there. But my rule is to google  the person and the business first, not too many scammers can navigate past them. In my opinion that panda that they are always yakking and complaining about is the best thing that ever happened for all the newbies trying to start a legitimate buck online.That panda is your friend,”I SURE KNOW HE’S MINE” he wont even redirect me to those fraudulent sites.

In closing for today i just tell you be very diligent in your search for online business opportunities as the fraudsters are alive and well.

And last statement for today is “TO BE CONTINUED”.